Green Home Builds

Green Home Builds

Green Home Builds

Green Home Builds

Green Home Builds

Future Green Build Initiative

At Keen As Building, environmental consideration is important to us. As a builder, the development of sustainable, environment friendly housing is paramount to both our future and yours. Right now, we are committed to furthering the process of developing and finding the best solutions possible for our customers when it comes to eco-friendly housing.

In 1999, the Housing Industry of Australia initiated the GreenSmart program. This program was developed in response to the need for responsible construction practices. Over time, the key features of this program have evolved to provide guidelines for what is required to be an accredited, GreenSmart Home. Our own vision follows suit, while also applying the expertise of domestic and global partners in the sustainable housing field.

Design, production, supplies, labour and ongoing management are all important aspects of this vision. Accordingly, we plan on constantly ensuring that these elements are soundly met. Keen As wants the best for you and will evolve our practices constantly to ensure we meet that promise.

In order to provide the most sustainable and environmentally responsible housing, there is a dedicated focus on the following areas:

Passive Solar Heating/Cooling

Designing your home to take advantage of the natural heating and cooling elements of solar, geothermal and wind technology. This ensures both energy efficiency and comfort in your home with minimal effort. This can be achieved through roof design, structure placement and orientation and room location.

Glazing and Frames

In order to manage the interaction of internal and external climates, using the right materials and designs in the most efficient way possible can eliminate the need for artificial climate control. This a very important step for managing emissions and consumption.


In order to help effectively control the climate, keeping it steady (whether hot or cold) is of utmost importance. Insulation is one of the most major factors in climate control. Getting the insulation working for you in the most effective way is imperative for your home.

Air Quality and Ventilation

In order to effectively enjoy your home, the quality of air you live in is a major consideration. Passive and active ventilation of airflow, building materials which avoid harsh chemical treatment and residues plus ongoing management techniques and cleaning systems are the important components.

Hot Water Systems

As far as contribution to emissions goes, hot water systems account for about 25% of most households. This factor is one of the most important considerations when it comes to making sure your home is environmentally sound and sustainable. We ensure that your needs are met while minimising consumption factors. Using specific products this can be integrated into roofing, electrical consumption and water management.


In addition to the use of natural light there is strong trend towards long term, energy friendly solutions to lighting in order to help lower energy consumption while maximising comfort and happiness. Getting your home right to take advantage of all these options is a key component. With the possibility of solar power, this drives sustainability even further.

Water Conservation

With a growing population and water stocks becoming harder to maximise to keep up with the trend, the use of water conservation and recycling is vital to sustainable living. Whether this is rain tanks, recycling systems or simply water saving features in general, the right system for your home is out there.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

To conserve the dwindling natural supplies in the world, it is important to use as many sustainable, recycled materials in building homes. Keen As will work with you to design the home you want, using the best quality sustainable materials available , is our goal.

Termite and Pest Protection

In years gone by, harmful pesticides were used to protect houses against termites and other pests. Now, less harmful products and safe protection barriers are available to put in your home. We understand the dangers of chemicals around the home and want to eliminate every possible harm to both your family and the environment.

Sustainable Construction and Maintenance

While all these above principles are sound, there is no point in Green designs whose benefits are offset by poor construction or maintenance practices. We endeavour to have every stage, both present and future, uphold these sustainable ideals without compromise. Our choice of products, service providers and parts will always aim to reflect this.

Keen As Green

Whether you are building a brand new home, renovating an existing home or just adding parts,  Keen As aims to be a major contributor to an environmentally friendly, sustainable construction industry.

With the guide of GreenSmart initiatives from the HIA, Government guidance and regulations, our decade of experience in the building industry and an overall commitment to the environment we can help bring your environmentally friendly ambitions to life.